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  1. .22/rimfire
    A close family member had this rifle to repair for a friend but got forgotten about it and rusted away, there are no markings on the rifle to help identify. Would anyone happen to have any idea what it might be ? Besides a gun of course.
  2. Manufacturers
    Hi, I have an old mail order .22 rifle from the early 20th century that was given to me about a year or more ago. I don’t know the specific year it was made but it says continental arms model 1933 on it. The problem is it is missing the bolt and firing pin assembly. So basically it’s just a...
  3. .22/rimfire
    I want to build a 22 with my son for him to get some practice on. AR platform, lightweight, relatively inexpensive. I’m thinking a pistol length / SBR for a few reasons. Shorter barrel for weight and easier to control with his little arms, and I think he’ll like the way it looks too, like...
1-3 of 3 Results