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  1. Ammunition Reports
    I recently purchased some of this ammo 300 rounds for $135 shipped. thats not a bad price these days. $6.95/20rnd box before shipping and tax. I have seen this same ammo for sale online for $9-13. Local bass pro has 5.56 brass, 200 rounds for $130 after tax, so by buying this steel case...
  2. AR15
    Hey guys, here is some backstory on my first AR-15 Build. I bought it from a company that is local to me called Ormond Arms, which I am pretty sure has been in business for about a year. Anyway, I got an AR-15 rifle kit from them with an 80 percenter in a tungsten finish. They have an easy jig...
  3. Ammunition Reports
    Went to Cabelas today to pick up some ammo for an upcoming range visit. Was looking for some .223 or 5.56 and found this Win USA Ready stuff, it seemed pretty cool and was a great price at 8.99/20, thats the same as most m193/m855 type stuff they had. I like that it is .62 gr, a good weight for...
  4. Ammunition Reports
    I have recently been turned on to this particular ammo. I love hornady and this seems like a great bargain. hornady bullets and lake city brass/loading. they have a wide variety of .223 / 5.56 loads. I recently picked up some of the 55 grain BTHP match rounds. Im also thinking about getting...
  5. Ruger
    Found a Mini-14 GB, these are agency trade-ins, not sure which agency had these...Mine has wear to finish but the bore is nice... usual bumps and scars on the stock. FYI, the GB stands for Government Bayonet
  6. Ammunition Reports
    I got out to the range today mainly to shoot my Pistol, but also shot the ar-15 a little bit. Lately my AR-15 has been performing very well for me. I've got it sighted in very well and i think im getting more comfortable shooting it. It's a S&W MP-15 MOE. 16" barrel, 1/9, Smith Vortex FH, and...
1-6 of 6 Results