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  1. Kahr
  2. General Reloading
    I am just starting to search for a nice .45-70 load using these .458 300g HP's from Hornady. I have a Henry rifle, but have verified with Henry that it will handle loads designed for the Marlin 1895 action, 40,000 CUP level loads. If you have a favorite .45-70 load for .300 grain jacketed...
  3. Antique Firearm Discussion
    I acquired a Springfield Model 1884 last week. It's a bit rough, but for the age I can't complain. Plus it has a South Carolina stamp on the butt plate, so I couldn't let anyone else buy it. Mechanically, it's it good condition and I look forward shooting the old lady. The issue I have is I need...
1-3 of 3 Results