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  1. AR15
    Hey guys, here is some backstory on my first AR-15 Build. I bought it from a company that is local to me called Ormond Arms, which I am pretty sure has been in business for about a year. Anyway, I got an AR-15 rifle kit from them with an 80 percenter in a tungsten finish. They have an easy jig...
  2. Ammunition Reports
    Ive been shooting a little more regularly lately, a good thing for my skills, a bad thing for my ammo suppy. im dangerously close to the 1000 round mark for my ar-15. that includes .223 and 5.56, i plan to focus more on 5.56 going forward, thats what the gun was made for and there usually isnt...
  3. Ammunition Reports
    I got out to the range today mainly to shoot my Pistol, but also shot the ar-15 a little bit. Lately my AR-15 has been performing very well for me. I've got it sighted in very well and i think im getting more comfortable shooting it. It's a S&W MP-15 MOE. 16" barrel, 1/9, Smith Vortex FH, and...
1-3 of 3 Results