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  1. Mausers
    I just purchased my first mauser its a Turkish M1938, I bought it off of gunbrokers I did a little research behind it and found out 8mm is a confusing ass round. I thought I had it figured out when I bought it but now I don't sooo hopefully someone can either say I'm screwed and have to get it...
  2. Mausers
    I`m new to the Mauser........... I just picked up an Turkish 98 8mm I also got some ammo 8mm PWA 7.92x57 170 gr FMJ After looking things over I went to the range to have a little fun well come to find out i couldn`t load the cartridges ... The bolt would not close all the way..... Is there any...
  3. Mausers
    i acquired 2 disassemble Mauser receivers, all the wood for both just no barrels, I’m looking to sell them, I’m just not sure where to sell them and if it’s legal too sell complete disassembled receivers, if I’m okay to sell them could anyone tell me the best place to do so or maybe someone on...
1-3 of 3 Results