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  1. Ammunition Reports
    Ammo prices are coming down in 2021 as compare to 2020? I was comparing some deals here: 9mm Ammo | Bulk 9mm Ammunition For Sale From Top Retailers. What you guys think?
  2. AR15
    I Kinda panicked when i noticed some wear on my old ar rifle upper, so i ordered a new stipped upper just to have as a replacement. how knows what will happen with ar-15 parts availability in the future. so anyways, I have a nice carbine lenght 7" handguard that i took of my rifle, so im like...
  3. Gun Parts
    Good day people I have a couple of Helwan locking blocks for sale, completely reverse engineered and modernized up to the standards of a modern 92FS block. Material grade has been determined by examining a 92FS block with an emission spectrograpf. The blocks are properly hardened. Radius...
  4. Mossberg
    First pistol Mossberg will sell in about 100 years. More here
  5. CZ
    Good morning everybody! So I got an additional CZ the other day. I got the SP-01 because I love my 75B so much but didn't want another one just like it. I kind of bought it with the intentions of sending it off to Cajun Gun Works for some fine tuning. Iv heard nothing but great things...
  6. Remington
    Hey everybody, just got back from the range earlier and had to dive right into the research due to some unsavory words from a couple "experts" about Remington pistol ammo. I recently bought a decent amount of Remington 45 and 9mm during a sale and just now got around to taking it out to the...
  7. Military Firearms
    So ,almost done with my AR15 build want to build something different, next. I am looking at a Sten Based, Working 9mm semi auto carbine project. Doing my research well in advance. I know that Ohio law allows for self build carbines,that are semi auto and a closed bolt, with a 16 inch barrel...
  8. Introduction
    Thanks for adding me to your fine forum! I didn't notice any brand specific's on this forum? I hope you will accept a poor, old, fat, blind in one eye, not able to work Hi Point Junkie!
  9. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    Title pretty much says it all. What bullet weight do you prefer for a short barrel compact pistol in 9mm. 115, 124, or 147. Im leaning towards 124 for mass and velocity compromise. Most of my training ammo is in 115, and even the HP that I have is 115 grain. however im trying to decided what...
  10. SIG
    I got a new Sig P226 recently and I love this gun! It's the new P226 Navy model manufactured to the same specs of the U.S. Navy SEAL pistol. The white anchor on the Left side designates this model. In the hand, it feels great. It's the only pistol that I've ever handled that fit my hand...
1-10 of 18 Results