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  1. Introduction
    Inherited this antique pistol from my Grandfather when he passed. It looks like it came off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Can anybody help a Vet identify this pistol? Many Thanks, RR
  2. Other Forums
    Hey everybody, new user and first time posting here. Has anybody had any experience with I was contacted by them after letting them know about an antique gun of good value, and I just wanna confirm that it's a reputable enough website to go through for selling / auctioning...
  3. Antique Firearms
    Hi everyone, My name is Larry. I live just outside Boston, MA. I’m new here. I’ve loved reading the posts and learning so much. Can anyone help me understand what I have hear? From the markings, it is a Winchester 1894 with a serial number that indicates it was manufactured in the early...
  4. Firearm Appraisal
    I have a JM Caswell gun that I am looking to know more information about. the gun is 52" overall length and the barrel is measured at 3ft long. There are only a few markings on this gun which include ( JM Caswell ) (Lansingburgh) To my brief knowledge this is a New York gun. I would like to know...