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  1. Mausers
    Thanks for the sling advice folks. Now I'm hoping for a bit more help. This is the bayo to my M48. It is currently stuck in the scabbard. It isn't rust, the thing is (was?) pristine. I had noticed it going in and out of the scabbard with a rough, scraping sound so I decided to try and work...
  2. Mosin Nagant
    I'm new and know nothing about weapons but I inherited a mosin nagant m28-sky civil guard that has a serial number on it 83909. Assuming it's a serial number. Don't know how much they're worth but I'd like it off my hands and to someone who would appreciate it. I'll let it go super cheap to make...
  3. Introduction
    First of all I know nothing about weapons but I have some very old knives and bayonets
1-3 of 3 Results