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  1. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Hi everyone, I inherited this 1820’s black powder revolver (I think it’s Portuguese) from a family member. I am wanting to find out exactly what it is and about it’s history so I can create a plaque and hang it on the wall. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much, Sam.
  2. Antique Firearm Discussion
    My brother in law gave me what he called a "civil war pistol" which is technically true but I wanted to know if its a genuine Colt or not, he didn't know as someone gave it to him not knowing. Its obviously had work done to it and missing a few parts as well as laughable replacement parts but I...
  3. Introduction
    Hello everyone, I have been interested in firearms my entire life. Now I recently acquired what feels to me an entire armory of BP rifles and shotguns. Now I feel the need to respect them by understanding them and learning about them. So, looking forward to conversating with you.
  4. Muzzle Loading
    using my phone, bear with me here... I have been, recently, enjoying and doing well with both the 250 and 320 grain Lee REAL bullets (.50 cal) in my tc inline using ff pyrodex, bore butter, win 209's, and bullet buttons. I have been keeping my charge down at 80 grains. I am taking the chrono...
1-4 of 4 Results