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  1. Introduction
    Does anyone out there have a pdf of the user manual for the Remington model 24 that they could send me? And any other links regarding parts, info, etc. Thanks
  2. Browning
    Hey All, Can anyone help me figure out what the year and value of this is? It is made in Belgium. It’s not a “SWEET.” It has a little wear. Some bluing is worn off where the hands make contact near stock. Stock has a couple of light scratches, and there are a couple of light marks on the...
  3. Browning
    I recently bought my wife a browning 1911 380 and love it... I'm actually thinking about getting myself one! However there is one major problem with the gun. It has a magazine safety/disconnect that drives me crazy and if anything, I believe, makes the gun less safe. (I don't want to debate...
1-3 of 3 Results