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  1. Camping
    Ive been wanting to get into some more primitive camping lately and put together a bit of kit with mostly what i have already along with a few new items as well. possibly sometime soon ill find a chance to test it out with a brief overnighter away from the rig and typical camp site. drive up a...
  2. Camping
    This popped up on my youtube channel this morning, Im considering making one for myself as it seems like a nice addition for car camping. at first i thought they were selling it but its actually a DIY ordeal and they have some instructions posted online...
  3. Camping
    Well, I have a few days off and the wife has enough distractions that I was able to plan an ad-hoc shooting / camping trip for a day and night in the Rockies. I was just goin to go shooting but she said do you want to camp? and i said, well, idk , maybe. but after a few hours I decided it was...
1-3 of 4 Results