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  1. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Hi recently I found some old muskets and what I believe to be a carbine rifle aswell as a flintlock pistol. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me with the origin of the firearms and the periods in which they were used.
  2. Cases
    So I just ordered one of these bags to use as a range bag and a ready to grab and go rifle bag. I...
  3. Holsters/Slings
    Hey everyone, I recently mounted a magnetic pistol mount in my truck. its inside the center console so its out of sight but is still very easily accessible. there is double sided 3m tape down the whole thing and 2 screws holding in the top. the 3 tape doesn't really do the job on its own...
  4. Military Firearms
    So ,almost done with my AR15 build want to build something different, next. I am looking at a Sten Based, Working 9mm semi auto carbine project. Doing my research well in advance. I know that Ohio law allows for self build carbines,that are semi auto and a closed bolt, with a 16 inch barrel...
1-4 of 4 Results