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  1. CZ
    Good morning everybody! So I got an additional CZ the other day. I got the SP-01 because I love my 75B so much but didn't want another one just like it. I kind of bought it with the intentions of sending it off to Cajun Gun Works for some fine tuning. Iv heard nothing but great things...
  2. Czech Firearms
    So a couple weeks back I tried on a CZ 75B for size just for the fun of it. Probably wasn't the best idea because now I feel like I absolutely need one. But iv been doing some light research to justify the purchase, and the 75B seems like a pretty good bang for the buck. Unfortunately I never...
  3. General Handgun
    I've been searching for a CZ 75, preferably an older one like the B model or around that era. When I find and buy one, what would you all recommend checking for before shooting it, in terms of maintenance pitfalls? Also, if you'd like to post finish jobs on your CZ 75s, I'd really appreciate it...
1-3 of 3 Results