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  1. Deer Hunting
    Decided to start a thread on the legality, viability and use of hunting deer with an AR 15. Mostly for restricted hunting states. Comparing different Calibers, uppers etc. After much digging and poking around, I found out a 350Legend is considered a straight walled .357 cartridge by Winchester...
  2. Bow-Hunting
    Here is the deal, Had a Barnett Recruit recurve crossbow.Practiced with it about a week. Then used it for hunting turkey a couple times, took 1 turkey with it.Tried to use it for deer, but It was not trustworthy enough to take a shot over 25 yards on a deer with.Very noisy and slow.Plus the...
  3. Big Game Hunting
    Camera hunting time of the year. little drive round the valley now that it is getting cold and hunting season is over lol. These pics were taken from the comfort of my warm car while on the highway. Most these animals are native to the area all but one pic see if you can guess which one lol
1-3 of 3 Results