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  1. Survival Gear
    Alright so I did a review and whole thing on this about a year or 2 ago, and now they have a redesigned pack out that is very similar, but hopefully better in design and QC. I really like the design of this pack and really want it to work out this time. Ive been carrying a back pack that is...
  2. Survival Gear
    Ya'll know me by now, I'm a little crazy about my backpacks and edc set ups. So of course I have a new one for the coming heat wave we'll call summer 2020. I have been rocking a larger more typical tactical backpack for the last few months, which has been excellent.(...
  3. Knives/Cutlery
    Been re-evaluating my EDC load out, lol or more realistically what i carry on me and in my back pack every day. I have downsized the pack from Maxped PF2 to a 3v gear bandit so now im more interested in size and weight considerations. One of these is the knife i carry in the back pack...
  4. Other Accessories
    Hey Guys, and Gals, I am planning to get a new EDC pack that is a bit smaller and lighter than the one I currently have( maxpedition Pigmy flacon). it doesn't need to carry much, mostly just a few odds and ends and my CC gun, I dont feel comfortable having it on me at work but want it close to...
1-4 of 5 Results