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  1. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    To my eyes it's just another sig and I think ill be better off with a compact paypal or bitcoin only Imgur Imgur
  2. Mausers
    i acquired 2 disassemble Mauser receivers, all the wood for both just no barrels, I’m looking to sell them, I’m just not sure where to sell them and if it’s legal too sell complete disassembled receivers, if I’m okay to sell them could anyone tell me the best place to do so or maybe someone on...
  3. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Hi there. New here. We have a Springfield Rifle, mdl. 1884, trapdoor, bayonet, .45-70 wanting to sell. Any advice/help/ideas on where to appraise, sell, etc. would be appreciated! Thank you.
  4. Springfield Armory
    Hi there. I'm new here. That might be obvious. We have an antique Springfield Armory Rifle, 1884 Model, Trapdoor, Bayonet, .45-70 Best way (in Phoenix) to get it appraised and sold? Any ideas/advice/help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results