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  1. Optics
    Over Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend I had the chance to pick up a SiOnyx Aurora "Sport" on sale for $299 vs. the regular $399, and did a review on it that I wanted to share... For those that are familiar the Aurora Sport differs from the regular Aurora in that it's $300 cheaper and isn't...
  2. Survival Discussions
    Ok first I have to say I'm at a bit of a loss on where to post this, but I settled here because this is about taking 30+ year old Night Vision and Tearing it apart and attempting to make it more usable... I could have posted it under Optics, but it's nothing you can go out and just buy so it's...
  3. Optics
    Just finished a project that I'd started a while back, not out of necessity but more just to see if I could do it. This scope is a Gen 2 based on the MX-9644 image tube (Same tube used in the PVS-4 and TVS-5 military NV Scopes as well as the VVS-2 Armored NV periscopes). The source of the tube...
1-3 of 3 Results