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  1. Glock
    Got this as an email from a friend who is another Glock Armorer... Glock Inc. no longer accepting parts orders I have been a certified armorer since 2004 and over the years placed dozens of parts orders with Smyrna. Right after New Years I filled out a form and sent it in just to replenish my...
  2. Glock
    Lipsey’s Exclusive GLOCK P80 Gen 1 Pistol – Specifications This is a 100% factory made GLOCK. This is a limited edition Lipsey’s Exclusive firearm. Original P80/Gen 1 Frame GEN 1 Pebble Texture P80 Slide Markings Polymer Front & Rear Sights • Flat Extractor Single Pin Frame Smooth Trigger No...
  3. Holsters/Slings
    Hi, I’m new soI figured I’d test my luck on here for the first time. I’m looking for a good appendix holster for my Glock 19 gen5 MOS with an Inforce APLc and a Holosun red dot. I am 140 5’6” and have a bit of a mushroom pouch around my lower stomach lol. I currently EDC a Blue Alpha Gear belt...
  4. Glock
    These are Gen 4 G22's you can save 20 if you do not care that it has heavy grip wear. The ones for both prices come with night sights... If you want to alter your grip and make changes get the one for 249...if you are good with a used trade in in nice shape spend $20 more and get the one for...
  5. Glock
    Kings has G22 Gen3 RTF w/gills and 3 mags for $315.00/ this is a great deal on a rare variant of the Gen3 pistols.
  6. Glock
  7. Glock
    Ok, I may be having some extra money coming in March. Trying to open my mind, expand my horizons. As an avid Glock hater,because it was the gang member- drug dealers, gunna rape mama, kill yu pappa, braggers choice, back when, in the 80's. And the good guys carried Smith and Wesson, or Colt.At...
  8. SIG
    A Pentagon report reveals the guns continued to suffer jams and other malfunctions after winning an already controversial competition.
  9. Glock
    It seems that a new Glock model that is VERY different has appeared in Germany for submission in a police trial to replace the HK P7 series for that department. From my initial reports (and actual pictures) this is a interesting departure from a "normal" Glock model. Two things about this new...
1-9 of 9 Results