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  1. Gunsmithing
    Here’s a question for all the preppers out there: how much do you know about repairing and modifying your own weapons? This is an important question, as your guns will only be able to defend you in a SHTF scenario if they are in proper working order. And the longer that the S keeps H-ing T F...
  2. Rimfire Rifles
    I recently made a purchase and got a "SEARS 3T-.22" and from searching online it appears to be a Sears branded Winchester 190 that were made around 1966. It is functional but the stock has a split in the wood and kinda beat up. (Currently teaching myself on replacing it) Now my questions are...
  3. General Rifle Discussion
    For example Midway USA has a lot of videos, gun diagrams, how to fix and other info on firearms. Smith and Wesson, AR-15's, 30-30's many others. This one is Gunsmithing - How to build an AR-15 Lower. Some pretty good info there. When you find a good source feel...
1-3 of 3 Results