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  1. Keltec
    I have two P32s an early one that is hard chromed and a late one that is blued. Both guns were originally blued, I sent the early one in for hard chrome many years ago it has held up well.. The early P32 had a different slide profile and the sights were integral with the slide. The extractor on...
  2. Keltec
    I am a fan of the P-32, I have two of them one is an early one with the internal extractor has been hard chromed and is a reliable little gun..I picked up another one about 5 years ago. This one has the external extractor spring and in the original blue finish... I have done a few...
  3. Survival Gear
    Just posted another video to the Channel... "Vacuum Sealing for Preparedness ... Including Firearms". It's fairly basic for anyone who used one for other than food items or for prepping but I do go over the method I used to preserve a Keltec Sub9 and Ammo for 3+ years while being stored in a...
1-3 of 3 Results