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  1. Mausers
    Thanks for the sling advice folks. Now I'm hoping for a bit more help. This is the bayo to my M48. It is currently stuck in the scabbard. It isn't rust, the thing is (was?) pristine. I had noticed it going in and out of the scabbard with a rough, scraping sound so I decided to try and work...
  2. Mausers
    Hey everyone! I got a m48 yugo and have been looking into some surplus ammo for it. Seems as though there is a lot of good and bad across various forums. Do you guys have any suggestions of stuff to look for, or stay away from?
  3. Mausers
    I just purchased my first mauser its a Turkish M1938, I bought it off of gunbrokers I did a little research behind it and found out 8mm is a confusing ass round. I thought I had it figured out when I bought it but now I don't sooo hopefully someone can either say I'm screwed and have to get it...
  4. Mausers
    i acquired 2 disassemble Mauser receivers, all the wood for both just no barrels, I’m looking to sell them, I’m just not sure where to sell them and if it’s legal too sell complete disassembled receivers, if I’m okay to sell them could anyone tell me the best place to do so or maybe someone on...
  5. Mausers
    So I have the above mentioned gun and have always wanted to use if for my hunting needs. Problem is... Well obvious to those who have any experience with this rifle. I do not want to put a scout scope on it (seeing as I already have a Vortex Crossfire and buying a new scope would be silly) and...
  6. Mausers
    Hi guys, new here to the forums but you guys seem to have a vast amount of knowledge of these firearms and I could use some. My local gun shop could only say it was an old Mauser which wasn't terribly helpful. My dad recently passed away and he left me many of his dad's old firearms including...
1-6 of 6 Results