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  1. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Anyone familiar with Charles Daly muzzle loader shotguns? Im trying to figure out what year and model this might be, it's a Damascus barrel
  2. Muzzle Loading
    Hello all, new to this forum but I am pulling my hair out trying to identify a rifle I purchased, it is from the year 1600.. the lock is gone so I do not know if it a wheellock or a matchlock. I have been looking for what name this could be or where it came from… hopefully both. Yes I am aware...
  3. Muzzle Loading
    I inherited a a muzzle loading, percussion, side by side from my father that has "sherman bros" engraved on the side. Looking to learn more about the gun. Anyone have any leads for me?
  4. Muzzle Loading
    using my phone, bear with me here... I have been, recently, enjoying and doing well with both the 250 and 320 grain Lee REAL bullets (.50 cal) in my tc inline using ff pyrodex, bore butter, win 209's, and bullet buttons. I have been keeping my charge down at 80 grains. I am taking the chrono...
1-4 of 4 Results