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  1. Survival Gear
    Ya'll know me by now, I'm a little crazy about my backpacks and edc set ups. So of course I have a new one for the coming heat wave we'll call summer 2020. I have been rocking a larger more typical tactical backpack for the last few months, which has been excellent.(...
  2. Survival Gear
    Just ordered this new pack, Ive been carrying my current one for about a year now and its time for a change. Nothing wrong with the one I have, I just want to give something different a shot and try out a different set up. the bag im carrying daily now is a Vertx EDC ready pack. 20 lL, very...
  3. Cases
    So I just ordered one of these bags to use as a range bag and a ready to grab and go rifle bag. I...
  4. Camping
    Well fellas, Im thinking about buying a new backpack for hiking and camping this summer. Right now im about to hit the confirm button on this 3VGear Paratus 3day operators pack: I like the price point and I...
1-4 of 4 Results