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  1. Remington
    Alrighty! I was recently gifted a Nylon 66! For the life of me I cannot find the year and model of this one to determine a rough value, not selling but just curious of what exactly I have. The serial number on the left side of the receiver is perfect which also means it’s post 1968...
  2. Remington
    A family member is wondering what his Remington Model six in .270 is worth? Here is a picture of it he sent for me to ask. Thanks for any help as I know military surplus guns, not commercial as much to be honest.
  3. Remington
    I have found a complete working bolt action, tube magazine and barrel to a Remington Nylon 12 .22 caliber rifle. I am working on obtaining parts to put it back together. Of all the parts, I cannot find the stock or a rear sight. Wondering if any of you may know of any that would be compatable...
  4. Introduction
    Does anyone out there have a pdf of the user manual for the Remington model 24 that they could send me? And any other links regarding parts, info, etc. Thanks
  5. Remington
    So my father left me this shotgun but would like to know if this is a good quality gun. I believe he purchased it in th 60s. Any feedback on this model would be welcome.
  6. .22/rimfire
    Have recently received my grandfather's 512, which apparently needs a sear replacement (bolt dropping out) and a lot of refinishing and TLC. Know anyone you'd recommend for the job? (My brother tried a couple of times to have it repaired locally before passing it on to me, without luck). Thanks.
  7. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi im new here I just bought a Remington versamax with the 28 inch barrel and it came with a modified choke in it and it patterns like crap for trap and skeet and the only reason im saying it patterns crappy is compared to my Remington 870 with the same choke in it with a 26 inch barrel patterns...
  8. AR15
    Hey guys, here is some backstory on my first AR-15 Build. I bought it from a company that is local to me called Ormond Arms, which I am pretty sure has been in business for about a year. Anyway, I got an AR-15 rifle kit from them with an 80 percenter in a tungsten finish. They have an easy jig...
  9. Remington
    Hey everybody, just got back from the range earlier and had to dive right into the research due to some unsavory words from a couple "experts" about Remington pistol ammo. I recently bought a decent amount of Remington 45 and 9mm during a sale and just now got around to taking it out to the...
1-9 of 9 Results