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  1. Military Firearms
    So I’m really just looking for more info since the local gun shop couldn’t help much. Here’s what I already know. The Colt ACR was their submission to the ACR program back in the late 80s. None of the guns made the cut, but I wasn’t able to find any info that Colt sold the patent for the gun to...
  2. Rimfire Forums
    BLEM PSAK-47 Liberty "MOEkov" Rifle, FDE & PSA 16" Midlength 5.56 NATO 1:8 Nitride MOE Freedom Rifle, FDE Specification Barrel: Chrome Moly steel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1:8 twist rate, M4 barrel extension, and a midlength gas system. Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is machined to...
  3. Antique Firearm Discussion
    recently found an evans rifle in my basement, markings say patent 1868 and 1871. did some of my own research to find out if its worth anything but im finding conflicts with the model and i can not find a serial number it appears to be an "transition model" given the patent scribing, but it has...
  4. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Probably a german musket? Grandpa said its from 1400s
  5. Antique Firearm Discussion
    This is the second and last rifle I need help identifying. Thanks for the help! Also, if anybody knows, something appears to be missing or wrong with the bolt on the back. I could be wrong. Any ideas?
  6. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Hello, so I have a couple rifles left down to me and I’m unsure what they are. I’ll start with the first one. Any help is appreciated. Nevermind the modern strap. The rifle itself appears to be rather old.
  7. Firearms Listings
    Selling one of my collection that doesn't get shot enough: I also have some ammo i'm willing to sell along with the rifle. preferential pricing for members of this site.
  8. AR15
    Lately I've been thinking that a 14.5 pinned/welded upper on a carbine rifle lower would be about the best all around/ GP carbine. being the owner of a 10.5 pistol and a 16" rifle, I can see how a 14.5 rifle would be kinda the "best of both worlds." the 14.5 upper with lpvo would be a great...
  9. General Rifle Discussion
    Can anyone decipher these markings on my 30.06? I guess its a Lee Enfield but not sure...Looks like serial # is H5907?
  10. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Just wanted to show a couple pics of a cool find, dug this up out of field with cultivator in a place that has been farmed since before the 50's. must have been in the ground for close to 100 years or so. Manufactured around 1882-1886 in Whitneyville Armory in CT. This was found in central Alberta.
  11. Cases
    So I just ordered one of these bags to use as a range bag and a ready to grab and go rifle bag. I...
  12. Antique Firearm Discussion
    if anyone has any way of helping me figure out what this rifle is and how much it might be worth i would be most appreciative. my dad said it was from a bit before the civil war, the flint lock doesn't work, there are no markings i can find at all, the barrel is octagonal and very thick and...
  13. .22/rimfire
    I want to build a 22 with my son for him to get some practice on. AR platform, lightweight, relatively inexpensive. I’m thinking a pistol length / SBR for a few reasons. Shorter barrel for weight and easier to control with his little arms, and I think he’ll like the way it looks too, like...
  14. SKS
    Here is an SKS Type 45 Vietnam War bring back being fired at the range... with a bit of history of how it was acquired and how the Type 56 changes were made by the Chinese.
  15. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Hi there. New here. We have a Springfield Rifle, mdl. 1884, trapdoor, bayonet, .45-70 wanting to sell. Any advice/help/ideas on where to appraise, sell, etc. would be appreciated! Thank you.
  16. Rimfire Rifles
    I recently made a purchase and got a "SEARS 3T-.22" and from searching online it appears to be a Sears branded Winchester 190 that were made around 1966. It is functional but the stock has a split in the wood and kinda beat up. (Currently teaching myself on replacing it) Now my questions are...
  17. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    Not only handguns though. I was not sure where to post it, so I just opened a new thread.
1-17 of 17 Results