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  1. Range Visits
    well on Friday I was lucky enough to have the day off and went to the range with a friend from work and his young son. the friend is in his mid 50's. im mid 30's, his son is 17. Friend is retired Air Force, now working as a civilian, has had firearms in the past when he was stationed in AK, but...
  2. Range Visits
    Well folks I got out to the shooting range yesterday. had quite a good time. not the best shooting I've ever done but it was good practice. Started at the pistol range as there was a wait for the rifle range. shot the Heritage rough rider .22lr. shot great, really quite accurate too. I...
  3. Range Visits
    So tomorrow Im planning to take alittle trip into the mountains for two reasons. One is to scout out a good camping spot for the future with the wife and friends and dogs and everything. the second objective is to find a place to shoot. From what i can tell it is ok to shoot in this area. I just...
1-3 of 3 Results