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  1. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi y’all, I have an old single barrel 12ga breakaction that was passed down to me and I’m trying to figure out the model so I can get a new forend for it but haven’t had much luck. I’m attaching a pic of the stamp so maybe someone recognizes it or has better luck than me.
  2. General Firearms
    I need some help identifying something that was passed along to me. It takes a 20 Guage shell on both ends. "Made in Germany" stamped on it. I'll attach some pictures.
  3. Antique Firearm Discussion
    Need help identifying this. Has small gold inlays. Looks like a twist steel barrel.
  4. Antique Firearm Discussion
    I was hoping someone out there might have an idea of the make, model or any information on this shotgun. I haven't been able to find anything on it.
  5. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi im new here I just bought a Remington versamax with the 28 inch barrel and it came with a modified choke in it and it patterns like crap for trap and skeet and the only reason im saying it patterns crappy is compared to my Remington 870 with the same choke in it with a 26 inch barrel patterns...
  6. Shotgun Discussion
    Morning all! I've found a few posts that discuss the legality of putting a Verticle foregrip on a semi-auto shotgun (with a folding/collapsable stock) but the only references made are to the constitution. Does anyone have evidence that it is legal to put a verticle stock on my Vepr 12? I'm in...
  7. Firearm Appraisal
    Hello, I was given a gift from my great grandfather. But I don't know which model, which country is made, the year of manufacture, nothing. can you help me with information? I cant open barrel but its so fragile
  8. Shotgun Discussion
    Good morning all! I have searched high and low for an answer to this and seen it said both ways. I just bought a side-folding Vepr 12 and I want to put a vertical grip on it. BUT I have read that because it has a side folding stock it CANNOT have a vertical grip. But there are a lot of keyboard...
  9. Shotgun Discussion
    Anyone familiar with this brand? seems like a good deal. I watched a youtube review from a reviewer that I trust and for the price, heck cant be beat.. I would also buy a 9mm and .22lr barrel adapter for it and it could be a pretty useful little truck/ Bug out gun.. its pretty short and light...
  10. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi All -- My son picked up a Lanber 2097 Sporting Lux over/under 12 gauge. Made in Spain. Nice shotgun, I'm impressed, but I'm unfamiliar with that brand. Judging from what I see I'd say they make a pretty fair product. He picked it up for around $500. Any Gun and Game compatriots have...
  11. Shotgun Discussion
    Won this at a local auction. It was identified as a Stevens 20 gauge only. Upon getting it home, I cannot identify a model either in my Shooter's Bible or Gun Trader's Guide or on the internet. Naturally, as are most old Steven's shotguns, there is no serial number, and since it is older...
  12. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    Not only handguns though. I was not sure where to post it, so I just opened a new thread.
1-12 of 12 Results