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  1. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    Well, to finally answer what I did with the poor, beat up M45 Firestar I got a few weeks ago... here's the answer!! OD Green and Gold trim & barrel! Much better looking now... gonna hit the range this weekend to make sure that it functions with no hiccups, or if I need to tweak it a...
  2. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    Just picked up this bad boy Friday!! Note the oddball front sight... Other neat You Flip it from Fire to Safe, then push a little further to decock. Same as the Ultrastar line :) Just have to find out what Doublestack .45acp mags also fit the OEM's are...
  3. Manufacturers
    I do need to sit down & take all-new pics of the whole thing... as there have been a few additions and mods done... But here's the current list of Modern Stars that I own. Model 45 Firestar in .45acp Model 205 Ultrastar in 9mm & .40-S&W Model 243 Firestar Plus in 9mm Had a Model 43 in 9mm, but...
1-3 of 3 Results