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  1. Survival Gear
    Just posted another video to the Channel... "Vacuum Sealing for Preparedness ... Including Firearms". It's fairly basic for anyone who used one for other than food items or for prepping but I do go over the method I used to preserve a Keltec Sub9 and Ammo for 3+ years while being stored in a...
  2. General Semi-Automatic Handgun Discussion
    Hi from California. Just got my new 1911 .45acp (bought from Coyote Point Armory -- great folks down there). Very unfortunate that I can't go train at the range, as they're all shut down in the Bay Area... grrr. With this said, I'd like to get your advice about the following. I'll have the gun...
  3. Survival Discussions
    Was thinking that if.. It Hit The Fan..but not too hard and government decided to confiscate my wheapons and hunting implements. My decision might be, to let them take what they will. Live to fight another day. But.... have an ace in the hole. Wandering how I might prep the gun I've already...
1-3 of 3 Results