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  1. Weatherby
    Hello, I'm searching for a Mark V Ultra Lightweight in 338-06 A-Square. They were offered for about 3 years back in early 2000s. Anyone got one they want to sell? Know where one is? Let me know! Thanks
  2. Introduction
    Hello, new here. Honestly just trying to find another resource for some less common firearms. Please contact me if you have a lead on an early Mark V Ultra lightweight in 338-06 A-Square. Thanks
  3. Manufacturers
    WTB: Hello everyone. I'm on a journey to track down a rifle that appears from time to time in the used market. Particularly, in 338-06 A-Square. Back in early 2000s Weatherby offered their 6 lug Mark V in so "pet" cartridges. I already have the .280 Rem and now I'm looking for the 338-06...
1-3 of 3 Results