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  1. Gunsmithing
    I got a smokin deal on a new barrel, and some other stuff on "black friday" deals. I was going to build an entire new upper, but i decided i want to rebuild my current 16" rifle upper as im not exactly happy with it. Its functional and not really bad per-se.. but, I dont like the way the...
  2. AR15
    I picked up a "spare" ar-15 upper and it didn't take very long until I just had to build it out. I already have some parts sitting in a box and only needed a few more. I have a nice Midwest industries 7" handguard, low pro gas block, and a 5.56 bolt and CH. The election happened and I decided...
  3. AR15
    I Kinda panicked when i noticed some wear on my old ar rifle upper, so i ordered a new stipped upper just to have as a replacement. how knows what will happen with ar-15 parts availability in the future. so anyways, I have a nice carbine lenght 7" handguard that i took of my rifle, so im like...
  4. AR15
    Well, lesson learned the hard way, perhaps. I noticed something that to me is a bit concerning on my S&W mp-15. this is about a 10 y/o gun with maybe 2500 rounds through it, no, I dont shoot as much as id like! anyways, the notch that retains the charging handle latch has become very worn...
  5. AR15
    To the point of looking at stripped uppers. Not sure If I am realy going to need a forward assist on a gun that will be cleaned regularly. What are the arguments for and against a forward assist???
1-5 of 5 Results