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  1. Winchester
    I would like to sell this gun I could use help with what I should sell it for and the best way to sell it. I know it's rare and valuable and that's about it any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Winchester
    hey all,, new here. have a winchester model 270 .22 cal pump that was given to me years ago,, was told it was jammed, after taking it apart and cleaning it, when i put it back together the trigger doesnt fire. it's as if the safety is on. i noticed a small lever,, when its open it works,, when i...
  3. Ammunition Reports
    Went to Cabelas today to pick up some ammo for an upcoming range visit. Was looking for some .223 or 5.56 and found this Win USA Ready stuff, it seemed pretty cool and was a great price at 8.99/20, thats the same as most m193/m855 type stuff they had. I like that it is .62 gr, a good weight for...
  4. Winchester
    Hello there folks, I have the following guns that I have recently picked up and I am having a hard time locating the details and value estimates. I do have images of all of these in detail if I needed to share. Winchester model63 .22 long rifle Super Speed Super-x 143006a 143006 Winchester...
1-4 of 4 Results