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  1. Off The Reservation
    We can bomb from the air. We can bomb from the sea. But eventually the only way the US can take control of enemy territory is with the Army. Once that happens, the occupying US Army becomes, in effect, the new government. You can call it “nation building” or call it “regime change,” but the...
  2. Off The Reservation
    What makes history interesting is that it can sometimes be downright odd. As one of the most dramatic and shattering events in human history, WWII is ripe with oddities. Following are a handful you may find interesting, and if you have others to share please do so.
  3. Off The Reservation
    Sometimes history is a very dark subject. Take, for example, the use of chemical weapons in warfare. WWI was bad in that regard, especially the use of phosgene (the greatest killer, about 85% of deaths), chlorine, and mustard gas. Chemical attacks were seen as an effective way to destroy...
1-3 of 5 Results