“What are they teaching our kids these days?â€￾

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    I found this on the Keep and Bear arms web page. I posted the link as cut/pasteing did not copy all the artical..some scanned pic and text are missing....the " " area is from a writeing assigment for the kids....


    “What are they teaching our kids these days?â€

    The Morgan Hill Unified School District is now teaching our children the following:

    “The 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms does NOT include the right to keep and bear handguns.â€
    "There is no place in our society for handguns."
    “All small firearms should be banned by law.â€
    These are quotes from an English class assignment at Britton Middle School in Morgan Hill. They are part of the standard curriculum in use by several teachers at the school for years. A copy of the actual course material is shown below.

    When questioned about this political indoctrination of children, the response of the School District was:

    The English Department instructors at Britton have met to discuss this matter and conclude that these statements are “part of an effective supplementary writing kit – and not an attempt to advocate for gun control in any manner.â€

    The Executive Council of the Morgan Hill Federation of Teachers (the teachers’ union) fully supports the position of the Britton English teachers.

    The Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Directors refuses to agendize this matter for discussion or to answer any questions about MHUSD policy on political indoctrination of children.

    The official response by the District Superintendent’s office is: “Here, fill out our standard complaint form.â€

    What can you do?

    Contact the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board, express your displeasure with this curriculum and inquire about district policy on political/controversial subject matter taught in their schools.

    Call the MHUSD District Superintendent, Dr. McKennan, and request a copy of the complaint form and the policy for the complaint process. Fill it in and submit it.

    Members of the School Board are elected to office. If they are not properly educating our students, consider running for their offices or supporting those who will better handle controversial, political subject matter in Morgan Hill Schools.

    Students are taught English writing skills by studying this example of a “good paragraphâ€:

    Let the Morgan Hill Unified School District know how you feel:

    Morgan Hill Unified School District
    15600 Concord Circle
    Morgan Hill CA 95037-5451
    (408) 779-5272

    Superintendent: Dr. Carolyn McKennan, Ed. D. [email protected]
    Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Robert Gaskill [email protected]

    MHUSD Web Page: http://www.mhu.k12.ca.us/

    MHUSD Board of Trustees (The School Board):

    President J.C. Foster
    [email protected]

    Vice-President John Kennett
    [email protected]

    Larry Carr

    Susan Choi
    [email protected]

    Rick Herder
    [email protected]

    Tom Kinoshita
    [email protected]

    Jan Masuda
    [email protected]

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    Guess we need to let them know that they are wrong. Here I go,AGAIN.

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    Here WE go again........
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    The Gestapo is alive and well.
  5. ahhh that brings back my memories of school indoctrination here in Los Angeles.

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    We've heard this before a few times I believe.......
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    Kids go to school to learn readin',ritin, an'rithmatic,they are supposed to learn right from wrong at home.Ya know ya can't trust schools to teach THAT!:nod: :nod: :D :D :D :nod: :nod:
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    Well,I got done sending notes to these yahoo's,haven't heard anything yet.