'03 - 03 A3 Difference

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    **** the CMP! I thought a couple of Garands and Carbines would suffice, now this 03 thing! I guess I need one (or two) , but don't know much about them. In a nutshell, what is the difference between an 03 and an 03 A3?
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    I know I'm going to get raked on this one but,....
    M1903 can be concidered a "WW1" weapon and a M1903A3 is a "WW2" version of it. The 03 rear sight is on the barrel and the A3 rear sight is on the receiver. Many other minor changes were made to the A3 to speed war production. BOTH weapons are verry good. Just depends on which YOU like best. Word of caution, beware M1903 low serial number receivers as shooters Springfield and RockIsland I beleve as they are concidered by MOST experts as having a high potential for brittlenes.

    Hope this helps...

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    the a3 also has stamped parts, triggergaurd. vs milled for the 03
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    The following changes were made on the '03 to become an '03A3:

    (1)New sight was moved to a dovetail on the rec. bridge.

    (2) The trigger guard, floor plate, follower and magizine box was made from sheet metal stampings.

    (3) Some receiver milling cuts were elliminated.

    (4) The hole for the rear guard screw was drilled through.

    (5) The gas vent hole was added to the left side of the receiver.
    The gas vent hole in the extractor and right side of receiver
    was elliminated.

    (6) The safety lug on bolt was left square and does not match
    extractor contour.

    (7) Overall finish is rougher on receiver and bolts.

    (8) Springfield and Rock Island got out of the game and and Smith-Corona came in.
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    Devil Dog: That's a great summation on changes for the O3A3's. It's the first time I've been aware of some of those differences. Guess I should get a reference manual and do some studying. Your list was helpful.

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    There may be more...... I don't know when the two groove barrel was adopted. Finger grooves ..or lack of? "C" stocks? Etc.