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    Probably an unanswerable question, but all things being equal, are 03s and 1911 Enfields about the same in accuracy?

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    DUH -- 1917 Enfields. Was looking at a 1911 on the table and trying to type at the same time -- not a good idea.

  3. A303 is more accurate in my opinion. The bolt action is a lot smoother, and not as rough as the 1917.
  4. I would agree with ltcboy - but I don't think it's enough for the average shooter to tell. Of course two factors:
    1) The 03 can be adjusted for windage
    2) Depends on such factors as cartridge, condition of barrel, etc.

    They had quite a discussion about this on Gunboards.com a few weeks ago - it may still be posted.
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    Rick the Librarian - The potential for better accuracy lies with the M1917 (P-17), as its barrel is longer, and its sight radius is longer. The reality is, that the accuracy lies with the shooter, more than with either rifle.

    It is true that the M1917 (P-17) DOES NOT have windage adjustment on its rear sight (we owe that to the British), but it can be adjusted in the front sight. It is just more difficult to get it right. The reputation it gained for not being accurate, came about because each rifle was sighted in at the factory, and its front sight was staked in place. When the rifles went in for rebuild, there was no guarantee that the front sight or barrel of any rifle went back on the same receiver, and they were not always sighted in before reissue.

    I have several of both rifles, and they will get coddled and fondled, as they are both part of our firearms history. Just the thought that Sgt. Alvin York might have carried one of the M1917 (P-17) rifles that I now own, is enough to make me like the P-17 even more.
  6. I don't think I've heard much that it wasn't accurate - afterall Alvin York used it and the British used P-14s as sniper rifles during early WWII.

    I also have a 3-18 Eddystone - one of my many treasures!