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    Posted this on the 03 forum as well:

    All things being equal, are the 03s and 1917s about the same in accuracy?

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    Well,the 03 guys are going to say that's better,I think the 17 is better.

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    PlumberjimC - They are more dependent on the shooter for accuracy. The fact is that the Enfield M1917 (P-17) has a longer barrel and a longer sight radius makes it potentially the more accurate of the two. Reality lies with the shooter.

    The Enfield P-17 does not have windage adjustment at the rear sight, and you have to adjust the windage by moving the front sight (the opposite direction you want the bullet to hit on the target). It can be a little difficult and it is best done with some help that has experienced this with other rifles.

    As I had posted in the .03 Thread, Sgt. York carried the Enfield P-17 and a 1911 .45 Cal., when he was earning the Medal of Honor. In the movie, Gary Cooper carried a 1903 Springfield, which goes to show you how Hollywood can screw up!
  4. Plumberjimc, I perfer the P-14/17 over the 03. It's sights are better and easier to see, plus the rifle just seems to "fit" me better.