03-A1 Springfield = Finally!!

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory' started by Swede, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. Swede

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    Well, finally received it & cleaned it, had to touch up the c-stock with a litle fine sanding and a light coat of stain but it looks real good! Finish is very good on all metal parts parts and bore is also in good condition.
    Hopefully you experts on 03's out their can tell me what I have. (I think its an original barrel & reciever that was upgraded to an A1 configuration).
    Bolt: is of the later type slightly bent back and marked with an "R", looks almost like new
    Trigger housing: marked with a very small "T"
    Floor Plate: marked on the botom exposed portion with a large "B"
    Reciever: 98X,XXX Springfield with "CB" stamped on the underside (othet marks near the CB were not ledgible, stamped to lite)and an "O" on the Bottom left side at front
    Barrel: SA with "bomb" and date of 9-18, also has small "D" and what appears to be an "<" mark near reciever
    Front barrel band: "H" on bottom of bayonet lug.
    Rear barrel band: "U" on left side.
    Rear sight: "O.L." on many of the parts, small "6" over a "7" on bottom side of base with a very small "x".
    Stock: faint P in a circle on the wrist and an "X" in front of the floor plate with a four digit number stamped into the stock near butt at the right side. This and the X look to be more recent, posibly by the Greeks?
    Hope someone can Help! Thanks.......Swede.
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    Congratulations Swede! I know you've been waiting awhile. I can't remember how long tho. Exactly how long did it finally end up taking?

  3. Swede

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    Eric, I ordered it in March, they notified me in June that I needed to submitt further proof that I had shot in a match in the last five years, I couldn't find the paperwork so I shot in a National Match competition in Phoenix a few weeks later and sent it in before the 30-day deadline and two weeks later had my rifle.
  4. They kick like a son of a *****, but they are very good rifles. You'll have fun. Good luck
  5. Swede, Your barrel and receiver appear to match, as do most other parts. Did you get a C stock? If so, there is some dispute on the "1903A1" designation. If you look on the cutoff inlet and see an "s" (for Springfield), you might have an original 1903A1. If a K (for Keystone - a WWII replacement), probably not.

    The B and X were probably put there by the last country to use the rifles.

    HTH and feel free to ask more questions or email me.
  6. Swede

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    Rick, it does have a C-stock. Would this mark be on the outside of the stock underneath the cutoff lever, or on the innerside of the stock?
  7. Flip the cutoff to the "up" position and the letter(s) should be showing on the stock where the lever rested in the "down" position -- you may have to look good - even put a drop of oil on it.
  8. Swede

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    Rick, the oil helped, it is very faint but it could be a "K". All I can make out are the bottoms of both leggs, they appear to have feet on them (flat horizontal lines at the bottom of each legg of the K) does this sound right?
    Also, I tried the oil on a couple af faint marks in front of the floor plate and they are two small 1/4" circles with i think a letter stamped in them, any idea what they could be?......Swede.
  9. Some of the "K"s are very faint. The grips on the WWII C stocks are "fatter" than the S-marked stocks. Still, sounds like it would make a great shooter.
  10. Swede

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    Thanks for all of the info Rick!
    I will let you know how it does at the range........Swede.