03 vs. 03A3 stock

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    Are 1903 and 1903 buttstocks interchangable? I know the handguards are not, but did not know about the buttstocks. What inspector marks would be on an early war Remington 1903 stock, RLB or FJA? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  2. You can use a 1903A3 stock on a 1903, but not vice-versa. For a 1903A3 action to fit, it need a receiver ring groove cut in the stock.

    VERY early Remingtons (ca. late-1941 to say, Feb. 1942) had fingergroove stocks with END or RLB marked on them. From Feb. until ca. fall, 1942, they used straight non-FG stocks with RLB; after that, FJA. To be totally "correct", the FJA stock should not be cut for the 03A3 receiver ring.