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  1. clean out your private message mail box will ya? :)

    I tried responding to your PM and, because your mailbox is crammed full, I keep getting nuisance, unwanted, despisable alerts of a new message in mine because my response keeps bouncing back and forth like the old Pong video game.
  2. oneastrix

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    Give me a minute, I'll check it out. There's only three saved in there, but let me do a little PI work here.....

  3. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Dale, I deleted the ones from the Pm option in the User CP. It said they had been directed to my private messages list. How do I get to that?
  4. Click on User CP.

    When the next screen comes up you should see a box near the top on the right side titled, "Private Messages". Click on that.

    This should get you a list of everything in your in box. At the right should be a vertical line of boxes. Put a check mark in the ones you want to delete and then hit the delete button below that.
  5. oneastrix

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    OK Dale, it's done. Had chingo's of messages in the "sent" box. Got rid of them and now everything is cleaned out....