10/22 accuracy: Factory vs aftermarket

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 11, 2002.

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    Don't we all have a 10/22? I do. It has an aftermarket stock, aftermarket rings, and I use aftermarket mags, all with a purpose. But the barrel is still stock. I bought mine used and have put plenty of rounds through it, some good, some bad, and have no idea what the previous owner did to it.
    I've never used match ammo in it, nor have I seriously grouped it, but I've been hoping to shoot it with accuracy in mind. So I'd like to know what accuracy one normally gets out of a factory barrel. If mine turns out to suck, I may want to acquire an aftermarket barrel, though it would have to be the same size as the factory one in order to fit in the stock. Or I could finish that custom stock I've been making for it that I could route out for a bull barrel.

    So how does factory accuracy compare to aftermarket standard size barrel accuracy and bull barrel accuracy? I'm not looking to spend too much, and it'll probably be a while before I get anything.
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    I'm happy with my out-of-the-box 10-22, in stainless. Accuracy is great, I haven't modified it at all. I have placed a Bushnell scope on it, and I'm not disapointed at all, with the accuracy.

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    What kind of groups do you get?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I've got a 10/22 in stainless and have thought about tweaking mine also. Last month I saw a stainless bull barrel that was the regular size sitting in the factory wood stock then flared out past the stock into a bull barrel. I lost the book I seen this in and haven't found it since. :(
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    I bought a 10/22t and the accuacy was killer out of the box with the factory target barrel. Does your 10/22 have the sling band around the barrel? I believe that can affect accuracy. Also, before you drop a bunch on a new barrel, try bedding your stock and getting a barrel mounted scope mount- you may be just as happy with the accuracy for now and for minimal cash.
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    I have a Choate pistol grip stock that does contact the barrel, plus the handguard actually clips onto the barrel. I have a mostly finished stock that I've been making for quite some time (on and off) which would let the barrel free float and perhaps even accomodate a bull barrel.
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    I've still got the laminate Ruger stock, and I bedded the receiver and the first 1" of the barrel, and floated the rest about .002" off.
    I saw a significant improvement for the cost of sand paper and about 2 bucks worth of epoxy!
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    I finally broke down and took the plunge, getting the Wally Mart Special. I like the longer barrel and sporter stock better than the carbine style. Accuracy isn't what i had hoped, only slightly better than my near-new Marlin 60SB stainless.
    So far, it's box-stock, except for a Bushnell 4-12X40AO scope in high rings bolted directly to the receiver (not using the Ruger supplied rail). I'm getting 3/4" groups at 50 yards at best, one inch average. I'm still trying all the different ammo types I can find to see what it really likes.
    Phase Two will be to bed the receiver and a couple inches of the barrel, floating the rest of the barrel with a pressure point. Also, a trigger job is a must! This thing is HEAVY.
    I don't intend to make it a $1500 Competition rifle, just a good plinker/squirrel gun. I think I can get it down to half-inch at 50 yards - at least that's my goal.
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    I bought a blued version at WalMart. Removed the stock and barrel. Ordered a match barrel and stock from Midway. The barrel is .920 and 18". The barrel attaches to the receiver with two allen head cap screws. I have one of the fancy stocks with the wide forearm, cheekpiece, thumbhole, and hollowed out right side. Midway had a semi-inletted brown(coffee) laminated stock on sale at the time. The lady at the order desk told me they were sold out. I was disappointed. Then she said, we have a walnut one that is a little cheaper. It has a fancy grain and I get a lot of compliments at the range. I put a 3 X 10 scope on it. Shooting off a rest you can cover all ten shots with a quarter at 50 yds.

    In April each year the gun club teaches a class from a local junior high how to shoot a rifle, pistol, and shotgun. I take the Ruger and most always the kids shoot the center out of the bull at about 25 yds. I have never shot match ammo.
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    I bought an economy 10 22 when the local KMart decided to stop carrying guns and put everything on sale. Mine is a blued basic model with a blued standard barrel/nylon stock with RUGER imprinted on it. (rather ugly) The only thing I have done was slick the sear (stoned) which brought it down to a safe 4.5 lbs. Short time later started trying various ammo through it. Stingers shot pretty well, but it wasn't until I picked up Ely Std (brown box) that I saw a big difference. IF I let the barrel cool between shots, I get a ragged hole the size of a dime at 50 yds. (Its for squirrel and fun) This with a 7 X scope. If I don't let the barrel cool, after three shots, it starts to creep high and right. Groups open to nearly an inch. Just passing on my experience with this particular gun. For hunting I would have to spend some money to get a better gun. For target.......just depends on how much time. Would not work for competition shooting.

  11. Mmmm,

    Some people report very good accuracy with the gun as purchased yet others report real gains with some custom components. Therefore, it is difficult to comment on your post.

    Personally, I feel it not so much about the Ruger barrel as it is about the Ruger trigger that really needs replacing.

    However, this is a forum so I know others will have differing experiences.
  12. My 10/22 is exactly the way it came out of the box other than a Tasco scope I bought at Gander Mountain for $10.99 and it shoots great and keeps small groups at 50 yards which is more than I usually shoot it. I bought the 10/22 because it is fun and cheap to shoot. I see no need to spend hundreds of dollars upgrading an already great gun.
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    Interesting to read back on the posts and find people who bought the longer barreled 10/22 from wal mart as I did. Mine is stainless. I let mine sit in it's box as I moved across the country, married/divorced and had a lot of stress. Got it out and tried to shoot that little plinker.....could not get the thing to cycle no matter what I fed it. Took it apart polished the bolt and receiver as they both were rough, cleaned every inch of the working parts, stuck it back together and now it jams once ever twenty rounds or so. Accuracy? Bought a 30 dollar bushnell scope, rings are crap....let me put lock tite on the stock screw and change rings and I will tell you.

    Oh, I bought a regular 10/22 carbine. Shoots great!
  15. My 10/22 is modified to hell and back. Barrel was shortened to 16" (with flash hider permanently installed). My groupings at 50 & 100 yds didn't change at all.