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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by winchester, Aug 26, 2002.

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    I had replaced the standard mag release lever with an extended one (made from plastic) that I bought over the net a couple of months ago. I loved it! It makes releasing mags a snap. It worked great, until I took an inexperienced shooter (my sister) to the range and she tried pulling the lever the wrong way. It ruined the 10/22 for the day, until I could get it home and figure out why the mag wouldn't come out (it wasn't readily apparent what had happened while we were still at the range).

    When I got the mag release back out, it was pretty gouged up, and won't work properly anymore.

    I don't remember where I bought it, but I do seem to remember the company made the same thing machined out of titanium. Titanium seems a bit overkill, and it cost significantly more. I can't be sure but it seemed like it was $60 or $80.

    Has anyone seen a metal extended mag release that's a little more reasonable? Thanks.
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    Extended mag release


    You can try these guys too.....


    They have the Volquartsen mag releases in black and silver for $16.90 and free shipping.
    My first one was the plastic job and it was nothing but trouble. Switched to these in all four 10/22s and they work great.

    Just my 02¢

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    Go Volquartsen on all of your upgrades to your pistol.
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    I bought one from HawkTechArms, Big Dog. It did the trick.

    I also bought a new extractor from them, but it didn't seem to help. I've been having a problem - every third shot or so doesn't eject. They come out with a tap from a brass rod, but still a pain.

    Any other ideas on what to look for? I thought about polishing out the chamber with rubbing compound, but I don't know if that would help any.

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    If you are having failure-to-extract problems, check to make sure the factory preservative has been cleaned out of the chamber. That yellowish stuff is not a lubricant, and can become your worst nightmare when cooked on. If you have an extractor from Hawktech it should be working better than the factory part. Check the extractor slot in the breachface of the barrel and make sure that it lines up with the extractor. They should be at a slightly downward angle, they are not perfectly horizontal.