10/22 Good Scope Recommendations

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by fisherboy111, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Hey guys. I have a 10/22 w/ the weaver/dove tail rail and I was wondering about getting a cheap scope to put on the plinker. What in your opinion is the best priced and best type. Right now I'm looking into buying a Leapers UTG SWAT Force Red Dot Sight Green and Red Illuminated Dot. I am also looking into the Leapers UTG Golden Image 4x32 Entry Level Riflescope Includes Rings. Is 4x32 good for about 50 yards and is the red dot a nice little thing to throw on the gun. Also if you feel like it, I would be much grateful if you guys could tell me what a good price is for the scopes. Also what is the difference between this scope
    SCP-150 - Leapers UTG Golden Image 4x32 Entry Level Riflescope Includes Rings
    Leapers Golden Image Classic TS 4x32mm Full Size Mil-dot Riflescope with Airgun - 22 Scope Rings and Pre-adjustment at 35 Yards. SCP-432FD. Leapers Golden Image Riflescopes, Leapers Riflescopes.
    Any other input about cheap .22 scopes would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Fish
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    A 4x32 is a good scope for any .22. You won't be doing to much shooting past 100 yards. I have a daisy scope on my, its a 3x9x32 I think. Cost $30 at wally world everyday and I couldn't be happier with it.

  3. Seeing as how you said a good scope recommendation for a 10/22, here' are four...

    A Sightron Series I 3-9X40.

    A Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9X40

    A Nikon ProStaff 3-9X40

    Or a Luepold Rifleman 3-9X40
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  4. oldjarhead

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    BSA 2-7x32 made for .22's
    I'm very impressed with the clarity.
    A fixed power like a 4x32 (Bushnell) is good...as long as your eyesight is good. I have sight issues so I need a variable...sorta like having bi-focals for a rifle.
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    Simmons makes a pretty decent cheap scope. I have a leapers scope and it seems clear. The problem with the one I have is that the eye relief on it is too short for any rifle I have.
  6. IMO get the cheapest most taticool scope for a 10/22 you can find. The mild recoil won't destroy the poorly built scopes and the taticoolness makes the 10/22 even more supremely viable.
  7. Ten Man

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    All our Ruger 10/22s that are scoped are sporting the Simmons 3-9x32. They are inexpensive, rugged, hold their settings, and look good.

    Since the Ruger 10/22 is not the most accurate rimfire around, and you probably won't shoot over a hundred yards with it, the Simmons is totally adequate. They are usually easy to obtain at Wally World.

    By comparison, my Kimber 22 VS is wearing a Leupold Vari-X III in 6-20X. It's more scope than I need for the shooting I do with the Kimber, but I have never felt that being able to "see too good" was a problem when shooting.
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    BSA Sweet 22, 2x7 for about $100 is a good one.
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    I was thinking about getting a red dot sight and a $95 aimpoint x4 magnifier clone. it has a twist off base so you could just carry it around in a pocket for whenever you need it.
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    Check out Mueller scopes.