10/22 Modification questions?

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    Hey guys, Im thinking about picking up these 3 items to just plop on my plinking 10/22. I have a rail that goes on top of the 10/22, do I need anything else to use these items/will they work on the .22. Also, if you guys know of any better deals do you mind giving me a hint. Thanks, Fish.

    Item # SCP-009
    Leapers UTG SWAT Force Red Dot Sight Green and Red Illuminated Dot
    SCP-009 - Leapers UTG SWAT Force Red Dot Sight Green and Red Illuminated Dot

    Item # SCP-150
    Leapers UTG Golden Image 4x32 Entry Level Riflescope Includes Rings
    SCP-150 - Leapers UTG Golden Image 4x32 Entry Level Riflescope Includes Rings

    Item # BIPOD-103
    Leapers UTG Deluxe Universal Clamp On Bipod High Tech Durable Aluminum. Imported Adjustable
    BIPOD-103 - Leapers UTG Deluxe Universal Clamp On Bipod High Tech Durable Aluminum. Imported Adjustable

    Brownie points if anyone can tell me if the Bipod will fit a norinco paratrooper sks as well.
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    I suggest not buying that bipod. Actually, I would suggest none of them. I'm not a fan of most Leapers/UTG stuff. But especially the bipod. Reason being, when you clamp something to a barrel, it hurts accuracy. If you can, put a rail on the bottom of your stock and put the bipod there. As for the SKS, there are numerous bipods make to attach to your bayonet lug, and I suggest one of those. My uncle has one and he likes it. The scope has a lot of good reviews, so it's probably just fine. However, the red dot reviews are only at 3.5 out of 5. You might look at one of the below.

    I have a knock off of one of these. Identical, just different name on it. I used it a LOT on my 10/22 and it worked great.
    32512 - 30mm Red Dot Sight Illuminated 5 MOA Reticle Fits Shotguns & Handguns Black Matte Warranty
    This one will be better and with a 3 MOA dot, give you more precision if you want it. It also costs more, but you may for better stuff.
    45158 - SP1 Redot Sight 3 MOA Black Matte Warranty

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    I was just wondering (I know you know better than me, but) why would the bipod not make the gun more accurate?
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    When a rifle fires, the barrel moves a lot more than most people think. The movement of the barrel affects accuracy. That's one reason why bull barrels can make a rifle more accurate. They're stiffer than a regular barrel. Well, when you clamp something onto a barrel, it prevents the barrel from moving the way they're supposed to and usually they will cause your groups to be larger. I say usually because I'm sure there has been an instance when it hasn't, I just don't know about it. This is why you don't see barrel mounted bipods on any precision rifles. They're always attached to the stock. This is all relevant. Some people don't care if their rifle is shooting 1/2" at 50 yards(that's about the best I've got out of my 10/22 thus far) or if it's shooting 2 inches at said range. If 2 inches is good enough for you, then the bipod should be fine. Also on the SKS, if you just want it to be minute of person at 100 yards, it will still do that with the clamp on bipod. However, you may not be able to achieve a 3MOA+ that most SKSs are capable of.
  5. Well,

    I would start off buying a real trigger then glass bed the gun from the receiver to the end of the forearm.
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    Or you could save yourself $100 and stone the trigger and sear with a honing stone and then drill the trigger and put a set screw. Pretty easy to do really.
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    I wouldn't buy a trigger. Use the stone method, it makes a difference and saves a whole lot of money. I did it to mine and am very pleased. I also want to buy a bull barrel and maybe a new stock. Then bed the receiver and part of the barrel. I probably won't do any more to mine. That's the great thing about 10/22's though the possibilities are endless.

  8. Only thing I'll say about stoning a trigger is this. If you have never done it or don't know what you're doing, THEN DON'T DO IT! You not only risk possibly ruining the trigger and have to buy a new one anyways, but, even worse, you could make it very unsafe and not even know it. Sometimes it doesn't take the removal of much material to do this.

    If you want it done, take it to a gunsmith. You'll know it has been done right but you'll help keep a gunsmith/gun shop in business.

    You could also just buy a different hammer and sear and that can make all the difference in the world.

    One example >>>

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    THANKS GUYS!, I appreciate it a lot. Just to double check, will those scopes fit on the 10/22's rail that came included with the gun.

    *** also how Hot should I allow the barrel to get when firing/how many rounds is it safe to fire in a certain amount of time. Thanks Fish
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    I've fired about 130 at one sitting before reloading my mags. I have two 25rd mags, a 32rd mag, and a 50rd mag. I have shot them all out in a row a few times. Doesn't hurt the rifle. The amount of time it takes you to reload will adequately cool the rifle.
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    Concerning the bipod: I wouldn't be worrying about accuracy as much as I would be concerned over damage to the barrel and to the finish on the barrel.The wear caused by bolt on bipods is, IN mho, devastating to the looks and condition of a rifle.I use Rock Mount bi-pods that mount to the front sling swivel and is easy to attach or detach. The base cradle is cushioned to prevent wear or damage to the stock. This bi-pod makes no contact with the barrel. Winchester also makes this type bi-pod and can be purchased a t Wally World for $40-50.
  12. That's how you learn. Nothing cheaper to learn on either. Tons of new/used 10/22 parts on the auction sites. Just about ever part inside a 10/22 can be improved with a little work. Bolt, hammer, sear, striker, bolt release, mag release and barrel can be modified and yield great improvements to the rifle. Consider it "on the job" training, if you fubar a part they are dirt cheap.
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    Thanks, another dumb question coming up, what type of rail does the 10/22 have
  14. jmp8927

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    It should have come with one. If it's an old 10/22 then it's one of those 3/8 inch dovetails. If it's a new 10/22 it came with a combo that has the 3/8 dovetail on top of a standard weaver rail.