10fp and 12fv in .308 cal.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JIMM, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. JIMM

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    has anyone received their backordered Savage 10fp or 12fv I ordered one around the first of Feb. Savage said they would ship March 1st. then they said it would be after the first of April ,this sure is getting to be a pain in the _ _ _.
  2. sadiehn

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    JIMM on the old format I had a post about savages promises and ship dates.It is basicaly this I ordered A fvss112 in 25-06 on sept 13 and was told 3 weeks.Talked to the shop owner stand up guy who reamed his supplier several times in my presenace.I called savage after 4 weeks and called them weekly and even talked to the presedent of savage Al casper to make a long storry short I received my rifle the friday before christmas.

    I will say this it is everything I hoped and then some I knew about the triggers and was planning on replacing or fixing it (no fix to it )the stock was great and with factory fed 117`s classics shoots 1 inch when I have fired my hand loads I have shot .625 so when I replace the trigger and finaly get a good load worked up for it I know it will shoot sub .5

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    I ordered my 12FV .223 on Feb. 8. I recieved it March 10th....awesome rifle.
  4. kyrattlesnake

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    I had ordered my 10FP on Feb 4th and finally recieved it on the 1st of March. I love the gun. Its a blast to shoot. Hope you get yours soon.
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    Any of you guys firing the 10FP in .308 intereseted in purchasing a RCBS Competition Rifle Two Die set? I am asking $60 including shipping. I have only tried to set up the dies , but RCBS says they will not work in my Dillon. these normally sell for $74.99 +shipping. I just want to be able to buy a set of Dillons that will work and pass along a really fine set of dies to someone that will use them.