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    do all 12 guages kick about the same. i got a mossberg 20 with 18 1/2 inch barrel and i feel very little kick. looking at getting a pardner 12 guage with 18 1/2 barrel but all i read is how good a gun it is but with a heckuva kick. would the kick be the same on any 12 guage or does this gun have a bigger kick. thanks.
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    Felt recoil is relative. A lot depends on how the firearm fits you. If the 20g is comfortable for you the 12g should not be too much worse. Below is a link to the numbers. But they are all relative. FELT recoil is what counts not actual recoil. There is a difference.


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    It's mostly basic physics. How much does the gun weigh? Heavier guns "absorb" more recoil. Secondly, what kind of action? Third, what kind of cartridge? A 20 gauge of the same action and weight doesn't kick much compared to a 12 gauge with 3" magnum shells. Take a lightweight 12 gauge single shot (such as an H&R) with a 3" magnum and you have brutality. A heavier automatic 12 gauge shotgun, where the autoloading mechanism absorbs energy and the heavy rifle absorbs recoil, kicks noticeably lightly in comparison.
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    like mentioned, weight is critical, heavier=less recoil. secondly and pretty much the most important thing that most guys dont consider is gun fit. if a shotgun "fits" you, it will not be bad to shoot, if it doesnt fit, it'll kick the snot out of you.
  5. Mmmm,

    in terms of physics you can boil it down to the force transmitted to the shoulder which is the recoil force in excess of the force offset by the weight of the gun. If taken to the true extreme you could have a shotgun so heavy you would not feel recoil.

    But there is another important factor and that is how it "feels" to you which is something you should experience before buying the gun if possible.
    I really do understand how two guns with similar weights can feel different to different shooters.

    So, there possibly is not a pat answer to your question. To me neither the twelve or the twenty guage has uncomfortable recoil when shooting at a dove or a pheasant.
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    Just depends on the gun. I've got a Win 1200 that I can literally fire one handed out in front of myself. My 1300 deer gun is comfortable with 2 3/4 slugs but 3" ups the ante. My FIL's 870 kicks harder than my 1300 with the same load due to the difference in the buttpads. Then there is my single shot Win 37, better have a firm grasp on that gun. But the Win 1897 with a steel butt plate takes the cake for "Don't want to shoot that one more than once or twice a day"
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    Among everything everybody has already said I would also say it depends on the size of the person give a 170 pound man a 12guage and its gonna kick him harder the a guy like me at 350. I would also say that the size of your arms play a role cause my buddy has the biggest forearms you ever did see and he shoot his Mossy 500 pistol grip 1 handed no problem.
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    No matter how much you weigh the gun kicks with the same exact recoil.I have often seen lightweights that practiced proper hold that could stand more recoil than fatties that didn't hold right.Further,because someone is lighter they are easier to move/roll with the punch than fatties and feel less recoil.Your body weight "does not" change the recoil produced by a firearm,only its body weight or powder charge/shot weight can change that. ,,,sam.
  9. I own several 12ga's and only one of them will kick the snot out of you. Or it does me and I'm of muscular build, a real he man lol. It's a Remington Wingmaster 2 3/4 with a 30" barrel and full choke.
    The kick is a little more than my other 12ga's But it knocks the chit out of my right cheek.

    I gave that shotgun to a guy to go test shoot yesterday afternoon. He wants to buy it. I'll bet a penny he'll return it rubbing his jaw. I hope he buys it, I'm practicly giveing the beast away. $230.00
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    First off watch who your callin a fatty. Im not stupid dude I know that the SIZE of a person doesn't change the KICK of the gun but it WILL change how you feel it. I seen my Shotty rock my buddies that are smaller than I am and Yet it doesn't rock me and we all hold it the same and lean into our shots.
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  11. Sober, I dont think he was calling you a fattie, he said he seen lightweights handle the kick better than some "fatties". That said size doesnt really matter if you know how to shoot the gun. Im 5'9 175 lbs and shot a 45/70 and was fine, at the same time I have another friend that would dare touch it because he didnt know how to handle it right and thought the .270 I have kicked. Yes I agree to a degree size will have an impact on how a person takes the recoil from a gun BUT at the same time more importantly is if the person KNOWS how to shoot the gun ( there stance) and knows how to react to that recoil. I Had a friend in texas that thought my Maverick 88 kicked like a mule but felt fine to me. I also think that a persons Pain thresh hold has an effect, some one who has a low pain thresh hold is more likely to be scared of the gun because to them it may hurt but to some one else it may not bother them at all.

    For an example When I was in texas my brother n laws friend came over and we went out shooting. His Remington 870 with the same loads as what I was shooting through my mav 88 felt ALOT harder than they did in my 88. I think alot of it was the recoil pad on my gun is softer so it didnt feel nearly as bad but his gun felt like a mule kicked me. But to him he felt fine with it. I guess my point is there is alot to felt recoil then just what one person says. I think alot of it depends on the persons stance, size, pain threshhold and experience.

    Just my .02
  12. The weight and the type of shotgun have some to do with how a shotguns recoil is perceived, but a lot of it has to do with the load that is being shot. Also the way a person holds the shotgun. The persons size has very little to do with it due to the rearward force will be the same in the same gun with the same load and the same weight regardless of who shoots it, as far as foot pounds of recoil.
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    See now if he would have said it like you did I would have completely understood.I just don't like being talked down to and I REALLY hate the term fatty it reminds me of punk bullies in highschool(which I used to thump on occasion). I mean that all makes sense Maybe its the fact that because I have such big shoulders(Im built like a an NFL Tackle) that My Mav 88 justs sits well. I mean when I fire it there is kick but I dont really feel it. I figured I wasn't really all that effected by it because of my size and stature but I guess I'm just holding it correctly. I mean all I do is hold it nice and tight and lean into my shot. I figured my upper body weight was what was keeping the felt recoil down BECAUSE I was leaning forward.
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  14. I have seen alot of people Not hold there guns good and tight to there shoulder than complain about the recoil from a gun. Heck When we whent shooting last time my friends wife wanted to shoot my .270 which doesnt kick to bad at all. Well she kneeled down piviting on her feet. I told her to put a knee on the ground before she shot. She didnt and the gun pushed her clear back on to her back side. Was actually pretty funny to watch. So she shot again, I told her again to kneel down on one knee, and again she blew me off lol. Again she got shoved clear back on her back side lol. She was plenty capable of shooting that gun but because she did not hold it the way I told her too it handed her a can of wupa$$. But When she shot one of the shotguns there (was a mossy 535 I think) she stood and held the gun the way we told her and shot it just fine. And I really think that the shotgun kicked harder with the loads that were in it than my .270 .
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    There is no reply I can make that would make amends with someone just sitting back looking for a chance to flare up and take offence.I feel this is unfortunate,but there is nothing I can do about it. ,,,sam.
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    You could just say my bad...At least thats what most people would do.
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    Ho,hum. ,,,sam.
  18. No affence sober, but you are the one that kinda flew off the handle not Sam. Im not getting in the middle of this but from a side observation I didnt see any thing in Sams post to point that he was calling YOU a fatty. How ever you did retaliate pretty harsh. One thing I have learned from posting on forums often times people take things the wrong way and not the way they were meant too.
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    Thanks for the backup AllAlaskan,but if someone wants to take offence because I used "fatty"as a reference of someone,anyone,larger than someone else with nothing even hinting that I meant anyone specifically,I feel they are just trolling and all I can say is "Ho-hum".It beats an attempt to reply directly and straighten things out like I used to do. ,,,sam.
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    I dont see how I flew off the handle but In that case MY BAD. Im a little touchy, im entitled to that. As for flaring up or waiting to be offended LOL that is ridiculous Im a big guy and the term FATTY (whether it was calling me or not) was used in direct reply to my post what do you think I am going to think. Anyway, this argument is a stupid one none the less so I'll say im sorry and let it be done.