12Ga./20Ga. Bismuth or Tungsten Matrix

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    Two questions, who has the best ammo in non-toxic shot for waterfowl? Where is the least expensive place to buy it?
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    This is something I have followed since the inception of steel. We have Bismuth, Tungsten, Tungsten maxtrix and now Hevi-shot. Through all of this I still use steel. Part of the reason is the cost. I know several who have usedTungsten & or Tungsten Polymer with good success. Bismuth has the distinct advantage of being able to be fed into older guns. All the others are not suitable for older guns not recomended for steel shot. Iv'e shot ducks with 1 1/8 oz of 6's in 16 ga with bismuth. $35 a box of 25 is a bit steep even for nostalgia sake. the rest of the lot normally come in 10 packs. Pricing??? I keep waiting for the competition to get throttled up. I don't know of any on line sertvices that have good prices. Generally our local sporting goods stores in the area buy enough quantity to be able to pass on a pretty good deal. It is highly specialized ammo and after the season they don't want to be saddled with it. I think Hevi-shot now made by remingtom looks the most promising. It is heavier than lead and has had good test results thus far. Another word on price, if your wing shooting skills are up to par or better, the value per round should be streched. How many times have you had to used a half a box of steel on a crippled bird? The draw back is, it's kind of hard to justify a bit of trap or skeet with these to paractice. BTW my brother watched a program where they were stoning ducks grave yard dead with 71/2's Hevi-shot. If you stick with steel, remember speed kills.

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