13 Year old Boy Shot In Head At Gun Show

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    This is really bad and it happened not that far from where I live. I normally go to the Eastman Gun Show but could not make it this weekend. Some details are still sketchy but from what I have picked up the dealer may have dropped his gun. Why he had a loaded gun in the first place I don't know. Another idiot who makes all responsible gun owners look bad.

    Alabama boy, 13, accidently shot in head at Norcross gun show It's unclear who fired round at counter. By RICK BADIE and RICHARD WHITT Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writers

    A fun weekend for an Alabama father and son ended in tragedy Sunday when the 13-year-old was accidentally shot in the face at a gun show in Norcross.
    A single bullet from a handgun, fired at point-blank range, struck Steven Bray King in his right eye and lodged in his brain. Steven was listed in critical condition this morning after surgery at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital of Atlanta.
    Steven, a rising freshman at Prattville High School in Prattville near Montgomery, was attending the gun show with his father, Anthony Grant, 38, of Montgomery.
    "We were looking at holsters," Grant said at the hospital. "I was reaching to get money out of my pocket when the shot went off." Steven was standing on Grant's left side facing the counter. Grant's girlfriend, Kathi McQueen, was standing on his right side.
    The shot, which spewed gunpowder residue onto the left side of Grant's T-shirt, barely missed his head and came from directly behind the counter, Grant said. He said he did not see who fired the gun.
    "There were all kinds of people behind the counter," said Grant. "I was looking down, so I didn't see anything."
    Steven immediately fell and did not respond to treatment given almost immediately by a physician and an emergency medical technician who were attending the show, Grant said.
    McQueen, also of Montgomery, confirmed Grant's version of what happened.
    Police are still investigating who was holding the gun.
    "It appears to be an accidental shooting," said Gwinnett Police spokesman Ray Dunlap, who did not expect charges to be filed. "At this point, we don't know if it was a vendor's gun, but it was not a gun being exhibited on a table. It was an unfortunate discharge."
    After the shooting, paramedics were summoned to treat a vendor at the show who experienced chest pains but did not have to be hospitalized, Dunlap said.
    The shooting occurred about 12:15 p.m., two hours into the Eastman Gun Show, which drew thousands Saturday and Sunday to the North Atlanta Trade Center off Indian Trail Road, officials said.
    Grant said he and Steven, who lives with his mother, came to Atlanta for a weekend outing.
    "He's a super kid," said Grant. "A smart kid. He was an A-B student. He won a (school) science award last year."
    They went to Whitewater Park on Saturday, and he and Steven had looked forward to attending the gun show, he said.
    At Eastman Gun Shows, security workers at the front door check all firearms brought into the show. They attach plastic safety ties to the triggers or firing mechanisms of all guns, including those on exhibit, so they can't be fired.
    Vendors, though, are allowed to carry loaded handguns for protection. They can't place the loaded guns on the table or let customers handle them, authorities said Sunday.
    Allowing vendors to carry loaded weapons is "where the potential danger is," said Ron Pafford, a Suwanee resident, who attended the gun show Sunday.
    "I really can't imagine how somebody else could get in there with a loaded clip," said Pafford, who grew up duck hunting with his father. "When you walk through the door, you have two officers who put a zip-tie on any gun, pistol or shotgun." Eastman Gun Shows started out in 1981 as a one-time event in Albany. Founded by Matthew Eastman, its popularity has grown to the point that 32 shows are scheduled this year, a Web site states.
    The gun show closed at 5 p.m. Sunday.
    Accidental shootings at gun shows are not common, but they do occur. In May, a gun dealer and his stepson were wounded in an accidental shooting at a Florence, Ala., gun show. The dealer reached for his personal handgun from a side holster when it fired, hitting him in the hand and his stepson in the leg.
    Even after the shooting Sunday, folks poured into the gun show. Some arrived with handguns strapped to their waists; others carried rifles and shotguns. Khaled Eid of Lilburn had his twin, 4-year-old boys in tow.
    The incident, he said, was yet another reason to "get out of a sport I have loved since I was 12."
  2. Chris

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    That is such a tragic thing to happen, I know the father must be very angry. because not only did they kill his child, but also gave liberals another reason to close gun shows.

  3. Calvin

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    Charges should be filed against whoever had the gun. I have never been to a gun show that allowed the vendors to carry loaded firearms, nor do I intend on attending one that does for this reason exactly.
    I sincerely hope the kid makes it with minimal damage, and hope the father pursues this because someone should pay for it.
  4. Stock Doc

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    This is tragic but as we speak there are probably 20 deaths on our highways by careless driver's. Now why aren't they being harassed and banned? There licensed and it still continues. Remember folks think logically not like these liberals want you to think.
    Start asserting efforts to tell folks about the deaths by many other things in this country and ask why they are after guns? If they tell you just because they scar them, then tell them Barbie dolls scar you so they should be banned. Watch how fast they say you are nuts but remind them a gun doesn't kill but when someone does use one to kill people want to take them away. Cars kill 10 times maybe 100 times more but they will tell you this is ok as we need cars. It is you're turn to look at them crazy. Rick B
  5. Chris

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    I took it as the boy is dead...I am glad he is not, and he will be in my prayers and I ask he be in yours friends, this could be anyone.
  6. Stock Doc

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    My post above was meant as to the fear so many have that I have seen now that this is a black eye for gun owners. Other forums have said the same thing and we should not be in fear for one accident. This is a very rare incident and like I said there are probably 20 deaths as I write this by cars.
    I hate feeling like we are evil and trying to prove a point that were good people. I have done so many stock jobs without payment until finished and in the owner's hands without one problem. On Ebay with regular people I have had to many problems and people who wont even answer after they win a bid. Gun owners especially shooters and collectors like ourselves here seem to be some of the nicest people and yet we hide when we are loading a gun into our cars to go shooting. We worry about separating ammo from the guns most of the time and are scared if we get pulled over while we have the guns in the car that there may be a problem. Yet thousands drive everyday without insurance or even a license. To many drive drunk and reckless. Heck there really pushing to stop chasing fast cars and bikes.
    I feel very badly for this child getting shot and he will be in my prayer's. Remember this isn't a bad thing for gun owners it is just a accident, Isn't that what they call it when a drunk kills a bus load of kids after he has been arrested 12 other times for DUI?
    Just some food for thought or maybe some power for that next anti gun argument when out.

    Rick B
  7. Logansdad

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    I hope the boy lives...if he doesn't I can't even imagine the loss to his family especially his dad who sounds like an enthusiast like us...The remorse from whoever pulled the trigger must be unimaginable...What a tragedy.
    I used to live in Decatur, Georgia. A 20 mile drive. I looked forward to this show (Eastman Show at the North Atlanta Trade Center) in particular and always attended.
  8. Logansdad

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    He died today...My prayers are with him...and his family
  9. Stewart

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    A very sad tragedy, my prayers are with him, his family, and all involved.
  10. Shaun

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    Very tragic - I heard about this yesterday and this really makes me wonder. I have heard at times there are anti's that will chamber a round in passing and they are hoping someone would pull a trigger. I wonder if this was the case? Also this will definitely hurt the gun shows but I have a solution maybe the seller should look at disabling the firearms chamber by putting a ziptie through the action or barrel so it is always blocked open. Even though you may be able to blame the inept shooter for pulling the trigger he was the one who picked up a firearm without first checking the chamber and that violates all safety rules to begin with.
  11. Stewart

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    The authorities are still unsure as to who fired the round, I have included a portion of an article from todays Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

    Youngster's gun show killing still a mystery It's unclear who fired round from behind counter

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writers

    What's known is that a bullet blasted from behind a counter pierced Steven's eye. Paramedics and a doctor worked feverishly to save the boy. They rushed him to the hospital with his father, Anthony Grant, by his side. Kathi McQueen, Grant's girlfriend, and her daughter trailed the ambulance.
    Steven died at 12:10 p.m. Monday at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, 24 hours after he was shot with a .38-caliber handgun at point-blank range. His organs were being donated "to help someone else," Grant, 38, said late Monday.
    Guns brought to shows by the public, as well as those on exhibit, must have plastic safety ties attached to prevent discharging. Dunlap, who used to work security for Eastman shows, said vendors are allowed to carry loaded weapons at the events.
  12. Sad, sad day

    I feel for the loss this family has suffered.

    I also am madder than ****!

    True more people are killed by careless, drunk or otherwise stupid drivers. However, there is no push by an anti group to ban cars and throw their owners in jail.

    We MUST act above all others. We MUST watch our every move and act more responsibly than the rest of the general public. We as gun owners are under attack, and under a microscope.

    The real travisty here is what the antis will do with this sad event. They may do their poor little victim sob story piece for a person they do not care about, or are secretly glad was killed. The gun that killed him may have been loaded by an anti, or worse yet, been a vendors gun that either accidentally discharged, or was being handled by someone else, which was still in violation of the show rules.

    The short story here is an innocent was killed, by one of our own at a gun show. This NEVER should have happened and once again we (gun owners) have fueled the anti's fire, and killed one of our own in the process. This tradgedy would have been no less a sadness in my mind no matter who was killed.

    It never should have happened.:mad:
  13. BattleRifleG3

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    I agree with Shaun, zipties should be there. At the PGCA show, some dealers have everything tied, but some are still loadable. I see no problem with ziptying everything but guns carried for protection. As long as it's clear that that's a safety regulation for commercial events, not private ownership.
  14. Logansdad

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    Zipties are there...I have been there... if they can figure out a way to ziptie it...they will...I wasn't there this year but I have been going to it for 6 or 7 years...
  15. How hard is it to cut a tie wrap and have a few rounds in your pocket.. My point is --Doesn't matter how tight security is. The honest will be honest, and the dishonest will be--well you know-- a bad rap for the honest people.
  16. Chris

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    well for the last 10 years my father has done gun shows, he always emptys out his gun, and keeps a clip away from it, He controls the people that come behind his tables as well.

    My guess is that her person didn't have control, and people were playing around.

    I have yet to hear about this on the news....
  17. oneastrix

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    This whole incident just sickens me to no end.
  18. Eric

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    The Guy that shot himself and his stepson was in my hometown. I promise you gusys, it's not AL. There are idiots everywhere. I think it's terrible that he lost his life. It is obvious that he was being brought up the correct way. Shame.