14y/o shot by police.....

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    Did ya'll see the article in your respective papers today about the 14 y/o who pointed what turned out to be a BB pistol at Albeqerque police yesterday? They shot his little ***! Turned out that the BB pistol was one of those that looks very real. Heck, they did what they were trained to do. I would have done the same thing.

    I almost shot a guy over a cell phone on a belt clip one night on a traffic stop. Dude went for it suddenly to make a phone call (?) in the middle of a trafic stop. Reached up under his shirt to pluck it off his belt. I drew down and darn near poked a hole in him before I realized what it was. Middle of the night and dude's gonna pull a black thing out from his waiste band? Not to smart on his part. Would have been a justified use of force in the end.

    Gonna be a lot of scuttlebutt over that one though for the New Mexico officers for sure, just cause it was a kid......
  2. Fourteen or not...if the little idiot wants to go around pointing a gun (albeit a look a like BB gun)...then the lil chithead is dumber than his dad.

    At 14 you know exactly what time it is....what to do right....what you do is wrong........and the latter is a NO NO.

    Unfortunately the Officer will still 'pay' (emotionally) for the stupid kids actions.

    As far as that other idiot that drew his cell phone.......I'da been backing off behind the car/truck for cover....locking and loading too telling him to drop it and on the ground.....after the first order he'd been arrested for resisting arrest....period! I don't care if he had dropped it when ordered.

    He needs to understand that with anyone else....reaching into the waistline for something black in the dead of night could be the last thing he ever reached for. Luckily for him you kept your cool....some other Officers might have interpreted it a as a viable threat.

    It's idiots like that that don't realize what the Officer stands to loose if it wasn't a cell phone.

    Once deadly force is used there is no winner regardless of the justifiable circumstances.

    ONE.................you be careful dude.......bro!

    BTW...sometime ask me about the time in 1973 a little chithead about his age stabbed me under the lower right vest...coulda shot him too....but, I didn,t thank GOD!
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    Some people will probably try to make a big deal over why the police would shoot this 14 year old boy. All these people have to do is look at the verdict today to understand that a 14 year old can kill you just as dead as a 40 year old. That bb gun could have been the real thing, and waiting could have got him killed.

    As far as the guy with the cell phnoe at night from under the shirt...not too smart.
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    if this punk showed enough disregaurd for the law, safety, and his own life at that age its a good thing they got him now before he got one that shot biger bullets and really did some harm.
    Todays bb guns can propell a bb at speeds greater than 800fps that is enough to cause death with a head shot to the temple. Yes I said death with a bb gun. look it up national data base for crim statistics, I think it was in 1999 two men killed in a car jacking by a 13 yr. old with a co2 powered 357 lookalike.
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    The kid's still alive, and I'd assume that he's going to recover if the shot was in the bum. Isn't it illegal for him to carry that bb gun anyway?
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    That will never be me. I know what a gun can do. To bad about the fool tho:rolleyes:
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    We had a kid killed just the other day in a drive by pellet gun shooting. Went between the ribs and punctured a lung. Kid was drunk. Nobody found him till early in the morning. DEAD. Sad but true.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Tell us if they find who did it and what kind of punishment received by the perp. Just curious.
  9. Klaus

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    You can get pellet guns that go over 900 FPS and steel cored hunting pellets.
  10. oneastrix

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    Will do NRA. My dept is working it. It was gang related as most things in San Antone are these dyas. Somebody will snitch....