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    I've been looking for a 16" bayonet for my M1, and have found a remanufactured one, but it's still a little pricey for me. Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to convert another sword bayonet to fit the Garand?

    Also, the 16" bayonet I may get may come without a scabbard. Does anyone know where to find an inexpensive scabbard for a bayonet that length?
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    Well either bayonet the 16" 1905 or the 10" M1 bayonet 1905E1 are correct for the Garand. But depending on when your rifle was produced you might want to have the modified bayonet to go with a late war rifile and the 16" 1905 to go with an early war garand.
    As for a cheap blade there are companies that are making reproduction bayonets, look in cheaper than dirt or sarco for starters. Or the shotgun news there out there.
    But trying to modify a different blade to fit is not the answer. Especially if you want this for display. I just purchased a Utica 1942,16" for my early war garand yesterday with the M3 scabbard for $150, they are out there you are just going to have to break open the wallet.....

  3. BattleRifleG3

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    I found a repro for $60. What I need is a scabbard.

    I'm still trying to find out when my Garand was made, but I'd like to have the 16" cause it's neat and special.
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    If you give us the serial number I'll tell around the period of time it was built. If you fear putting the whole thing up put part and x's so I know if it is in the milions or hundred thousands' so-on and so-on. Example 2,967,456 you would put it here as 2,967,XXX this way it has 999 chances of someone figuring out you're number. Myself I dont care and would like to see someone say my rifle is there's.
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  5. Battlerifle. If your still looking buy the time I vist a Houston gun show. I'll drop ya a line. Seen the whole thing bayo and scabbard for $65 a while back. I did manage to purchas a sabbard for my !6 inch other-wise it's too dangerous to just leave it hanging. Drop me a line.
  6. Too bad you didn't see my ad on the CSP Shopper. Sold two - one for $15 and the other for $25, after I got a bum evaluation. Talk about a feeding frenzy. Found out later I could have sold them for $75-$100.

    If you ever meet me, tell me honestly if I have the word "sucker" tatooed on my forehead!
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    FMJ: I'd be happy to have dealer info if you find it.

    Stock Doc: SN is 4369xxx Maybe, if it would help find where it's been, I'll share the rest confidentially. It's a Springfield. I'm pretty darn sure the stock is civilian, as it's very fine and finished.
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  8. BattleRifleG3

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    Any idea when it was made, anyone?
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    3875601 was the last known rifle# produced as a wartime garand by Springfeild in June of 1945. Anything after#4200001 is listed as post war Springfeild production but with no dates listed in my scorce books.
  10. BattleRifle,

    According to Scott Duff's Post WWII M1 book, your rifle probably was made in Dec. '53 or so, give or take a month in either direction.
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    Ok, so it's post WWII... Is there any way to tell if it went to Korea?
    And should I then assume that an M5 bayonet would be the most appropriate?
  12. M5s, to my knowledge, were used post-Korean War - the 10" would be correct for that era.
  13. wes

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    Yeah,I believe M-5's didn't come out till about 1955. Any 10" would be correct,cut-down or not,even a possibility that a GI would have scrounged a 16",but I doubt he would have wanted the extra weight.